10-Year Written Warranty Included

Your A+ Bathtub Refinishing Service


10-Year Written Warranty Included

Your A+ Bathtub Refinishing Service


When your bathtub is starting to look a little run down, don’t buy a new one call All-Glaze. We are a professional bathtub refinishing service. Our job is to make your bathtubs, counter tops, shower stalls, ceramic tiles and sinks look brand new. No matter if it’s porcelain, steel, or fiberglass we can help you.

Our company is the only bathtub refinishing company to include a 10-Year Written Warranty on all services. We also have some of the best reviews in this business. Call us now for a free estimate from our owner Jeff.

Why Bathtub Refinishing Should Be Done By A Professional

Many people are wanting to try everything as DIY projects. For some things this can be very rewarding, but for others the end results will make you wish a professional had come in. For most bathtub refinishing falls in the last group. 

If you are wanting to cut cost looking at DIY bathtub refinishing kits could be tempting. What those kits don’t tell you about is all the prep work and extra time you will need to do it, or all the extra materials. Most kits do not come with the striping agent needed either. This means that you will be spending more than you bargained for to purchase these as well.

With taking out the fixtures, sanding down the rust spots, scraping the whole surface with a razor blade and then the cleaning, you are looking at a lot of work. You must make sure every inch of your tub and surrounding area is clean and smooth, or the products you are trying to use will not work.

Not to mention the chemicals that are in the products. You must read what is in each item and make sure you have the proper ventilation and gear, so you are not risking your life, or the lives of those you love around you.

Some of the bathtub refinishing products even require you to watch lessons on how to put them on and what to do. Making it look like no time was spent when in reality, the people are spending hours at a time on each step. Why waste your entire day doing what a professional can do in 5 hours or less?

When the final product of these bathtub refinishing kits is revealed you will see streaks and lines from the brushes that you used. Then 2 months down the road you will see that a new refinish is needed to cover the nicks and cuts the kits do not help to prevent.

On top of all the extra work for you, you are creating extra work and expenses for when a professional is called in. The bathtub will have to be stripped of all the extra glaze before it can be refinished. 

The professional bathtub refinishing team at All-Glaze knows what they are doing. They have been trained on how to do each step and make your tub come out perfect every time. Our company is the only company to include a 10-Year Written Warranty on our work. Our workers will be in and out of most homes in 3 to 5 hours and have you back in your tub within 48 hours of completion.

Considering most DIY bathtub refinishing kits only last about 2 months and can take over 72 hours to set, can you really afford to not call an All-Glaze Professional first?

Average Cost Of Bathtub Refinishing Vs. Replacing A Bathtub

On average to replace your bathtub you will spend between $1,000 and $5,000. The cost depends on the type of bathtub you are wanting and what work is needing to be done for the installation. This price can get higher depending on the size of the tub you are having installed.

On average you will spend only a fraction of the cost to get your bathtub refinished by a professional.
Please let the All-Glaze professional know if your bathtub was refinished before, as extra steps will be needed to get the job done properly. This will help you to get the best bathtub refinish at the best possible cost.

Tips For Perfect Bathtub Refinishing

Common Questions Asked About Bathtub Refinishing

What Is The Waiting Period After A Bathtub Is Refinished?

The waiting period between the time a bathtub refinishing is completed and when you can use your bathtub again varies. Most people can use their bathtubs within 48 hours from the time their ALL-Glaze professional leaves.

Why Do You Need To Wait After A Bathtub Refinishing?

The new finish put on your bathtub will need to cure and this takes a little time. Once the finish is done curing your bathtub will be ready to use whenever you are. Taking this time allows you to enjoy the look and feel of your bathtub for years to come.

How Long Does A Professional Bathtub Refinishing Last?

A professional bathtub refinishing should last between 10 and 30 years. All-Glaze is the only company that includes a 10-Year Written Warranty.

If you take care after the bathtub refinishing process and don’t use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers, you should enjoy years with its new look and feel.

Can You Change The Color Of Your Bathtub With A Refinish?

Sometimes you have an older house where the colors that were used in the bathroom are not suiting your needs or are simply outdated. Maybe the bathtub is pink or blue and you are wanting white. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to tear down and gut your whole bathroom, call All-Glaze. With professional bathtub refinishing we can change the color of your bathtub. Let us know what you are looking at and how we can help you.

A great bathtub refinishing job can have your older bathroom looking brand new and shiny. Not only will you save money, you’ll increase the value of your property.

Are Bathtubs All You Can Refinish?

The short answer to this is no. We can do so much more for you.

All-Glaze also does professional refinishing for shower stalls, counter tops, ceramic tile on walls, vanity tops and much more. You’ll be amazed with the outcome. Even antique fixtures can be restored to their former beauty. Let us show you why we are the best choice for all your refinishing needs. Call us today!

All-glaze is owner operated so you know your bathroom is in good hands.

Call (724) 378-6993 for a free estimate today. Calls accepted 7 days a week.

Ask about our included 10-Year Written Warranty and what it means for you.

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